Safer Reopening

Rapid, regular, and affordable infectiousness tests for COVID-19 will enable a safer reopening.


Regular, rapid, and affordable COVID-19 testing will make it possible to identify and isolate infected students more quickly. ASSURE-19 tests could help slow the virus' spread by enabling all at-risk students, including pre- or asymptomatic ones, to be detected and effectively quarantined. Research shows that if done properly, rapid and regular testing protocols could drive down infections close to zero.


In the workplace, ASSURE-19 tests could prevent 88% of viral transmissions if repeated regularly (twice a week) and with isolation of those who test positive, according to research published by Dr. Daniel Larremore, an applied mathematician who models infectious diseases at the University of Colorado, Boulder.


ASSURE-19 tests could enable airports to safely reopen, testing both departing and arriving passengers, with follow-up testing for several days following travel. This would allow tourism industries to reopen for business while protecting both visitors and airport & hospitality staff.

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